Balthazar offers creative strategies for consumer brands. The company originated from Studio 100%. At the Studio 100%, now one of the most important design studio's in the Netherlands, we noticed a growing need for creative strategy.

As an inspirer Balthazar guides leaders in their processes of conceptual change. 

She is your empowerer, thought leader and creative thinker. A stylish and inspiring companion with whom you pop into the future.

Balthazar helps companies, brands and their leaders by guiding, motivating and inspiring them in finding or perfecting their missions, visions and foundations. To help generate future proof brands, Balthazar focuses on brand value, impact, commercial choices and the look&feel of a brand. Her specialty lies in the ability to generate a whole world around a brand, on what creative strategies can be build. Read > services to learn more about our program. 


This all happens at in Laren, a creative hub for media and fashion businesses.

Whenever in need for a brainstorm, some advice or a new point of view you

are always free to > contact us.




Frederike Evenblij is, besides the co-owner of Studio 100%, now also head of strategy and founder of Balthazar. She connects the dots her own way and from there she puts a dot on every horizon.

In her seventeen years of experience at Studio 100%, she was behind the scenes
at various companies and brands during their start or rebranding.


She saw them growing out into lovable brands and inspiring companies. From thereon she gained her knowhow and 
vision. She broadened her network in the world of media and consumer brands. 

​Frederike is always looking for a new 
challenge. She hunts for the spark in every project and tries to lead clients
into their innovative state of mind. 

Balthazar's blog gives some insight on
her personal mind & moleskines.






The studio is known for their creativity, inspiration and style. They work on various projects that have originality, class and renewal at heart. And most importantly, they creating their own rules, because according to studio 100%,
there aren’t any.


For many years now their dedicated and award winning art directors and designers succeed in creating, new brand identities, magazines, books, stationary, websites, packaging and products. At the studio they keep an eye on the identity of the brand, brief photographers, illustrators and create with passion and precision.


The claim to fame comes from well known magazines as Happinez and Flow, which the studio visually created from the start. Together with clients, 100% helped these magazines develop into serious brands with a wide range of brand extensions. Also, Studio 100% can be proud that these brands are one of the few who have their magazines published abroad in various countries and languages. 

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