What if everybody looks the same, lives in look-alike houses and does their shopping in similar stores?


We live in, if we may say so, one of  the cutest, most beautiful, wealthy, hip & happening surroudings of the Netherlands. Happening, yes. There is always something going on. Celebrities walk freely through the streets and do their groceries. Business owners and leaders of great companies meet each other in the local pub or at private parties. But hip? This small village is known for its cool cars, SUV’s, huge sunglasses, fashion boutiques and big hair. With all this wealth you could think it comes with a lot of style.


But what if everybody lives in look-alike houses? Then it just might happen that, when you pick up your kid from a playdate, total confusion hits you. Thinking that you are at the wrong house when looking at the anthracite hall, grey velvet lounge sofa's and black kitchens.

Style comes from within. It’s not something you can buy. But what if you haven’t got a clue? You just cling on to the grey invasion. Take a look at your neighbour with its white plastered house with grey windowframes and hoppa, copy it. Just let the one interior decorator, who has decorated almost every house in the neighbourhood, sprinkle his grey haze in your rooms and the copycat will fit in perfectly.


And yes, we also are stubbing our own houses and ticking some boxes.. And yes, it’s all esthetic, that's not the point. Every era has it’s own style. When we look back at this era many years from now, we will love it. Thinking it’s cute all those black & white houses. But the grey invasion has started so many years ago. At this moment it’s not hip & happening anymore. Luckily we are running out of the 10’s and are so up for the 20’s. With a lot of the roaring we hope. Let everybody hear their own sound. Let’s make some noise.


Image: Subway-M

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September 28, 2018

September 26, 2018

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