Heritage it is - DE PORCELEYNE FLES



Do you know one company where shareholders call themselves lovers and who are in for decades? And can you name one company where those lovers are not primarily in for the money but for the love of the company? 


Stumbling upon this article of FD in our archives about one of the Porcelyene Fles’ shareholders meeting, it occured to us that some other primal old dutch companies would eat their heart out. 


According to their original business of Delftware - and their acquisitions in old Dutch kitchen and tableware brands (BK Cookware, Van Kempen & Begeer and Royal Leerdam) - Royal Delft/De Porceleyne Fles seems to have stretched out a clear path and sticks to its programm - all for the love of the heritage of Holland. And so do their loyal investors having fun investing and asking funny questions in a shareholders meeting.


We can name several Dutch companies who lost track of their original sight. Those who are desperatly seeking new goals. Trying to find their future in trending topics and wild escapes. If only they would overlook their past, embrace their own heritage and knew from the heart where they stand for and go for, they could be able to convert their aim into a new appropriate strategy. 


For any company who is willing and daring to look inward and backward the longing future is nearby. The trending topics only then can be adapted and will its strategy be able to turn investors into lovers and to let customers love the brand.






SOURCE: fd.nl

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