This type of brand is not in for the quick win, nor for the dull long haul. The full-of-spirit brands brand it their own way.


Creating a unique whimsical world for themselves, based on the soft skills in their organization and - even more important - their ‘why’. They have managed to figure out what they stand for and found a way to express that in a layered manner in everything they do.


Actually these brands are a mixture between the I-KNOW-WHERE-TO-GO brand and the GO-WITH-THE-FLOW one. They very know well who they are and are consistent in that. But they add a bit of go-wit- the-flow, acting on the trends and tendencies, yet translated in their own unique way. They are able to extend their brand into something they could never imagine.


The downside is that it takes some effort. Not only for the brand itself but also for the leaders, workers and co-workers. Everyone has to have the same goal with the same starting point; the soul of the brand.


The upside is that, once one has discovered the secret and is willing to persuade, a whole new world is revealing. Another fun fact: this brand has the ability to surprise, to kick some ass, to come up with someting new (as long as it fits the brands soul) and to make the consumer love the brand for the long run.


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September 28, 2018

September 26, 2018

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Aim for the moon

& follow your star

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