SLOW BUSINESS - Time is the new luxury


We live in a fast world. Developments follow each other at lightning speed. Companies feel the heat to imple­ment big data, tech and online developments a.s.a.p. While everyone is overtaken by these events, time flies. But there is hope for those who don’t want to be in this rat race. Let’s call it the slow business movement, where time is the new luxury.


Generation Z is the example for this phenomenon. This generation doesn’t know how to function without its on  demand devices, social media and influencers. At first sight they are totally in the rat race. On the other hand, they stand for pleasure, their own happiness and their freedom. In negotiations for new jobs they are the first to negotiate spare time. A four-day workweek is nothing special. On the contrary; why on earth would you work five days a week if you can work less? Ambition is not what thrives them. It’s their aim to live their lives, not their jobs nor their bosses’ lives.


For business owners amongst us, we may have mixed feelings about this. But who are we to worry about it? Generation Z doesn’t and we may learn from these youngsters. Why worry about something serious when something more fun is on the other side? This generation doesn’t even worry about money. Less is more in their opinion.


In the fashion business we already see a countermovement created by young stars. There where the big names still show many col­lections every year, the disrupters act exactly the opposite way; launching one piece at a time.  


With the sayings like ‘Less but better’, they set a new standard. The capsule collections refer to the slow down business as well, creating ageless fashion items in order to combine them with fashionable pieces. One is about to choose less with more quality.  


Getting away from the disposable industry sounds revealing. Companies like H&M aren’t that appealing anymore, knowing that they literally burn the leftovers. Newcomers are more than welcome.


It takes courage because these disrupters have to go  for the long haul. Fast business means fast money and that was what everybody was chasing. The slow ones take for granted that money comes slower as well.  


Don’t we all love brands that go their own way, stand for happiness and sustaina­bility? We’ll see. From now on; let’s slow down a bit and go your own way, whether you belong to generation z or not. Time is the new luxury.


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September 28, 2018

September 26, 2018

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