THE GENDER TENDER - men vs women in the corporate jungle



Lately there’s a lot going on about the gender discussion. This is not about the lgbt’s - that’s another thing. We’re talking about men vs women in business - the corporate jungle. Is the sun already shining through the canopy for women in this by men ruled natural habitat? Or do the baboons keep on creating glass ceilings where the wives will butt their head on their way up?

The creative industry is dominated in the highest positions by men. And also the corporates don’t allow that many Janes in their jungle. But times are changing. Between the lines we hear the world, surprisingly also men, asking for more femininity in business because of the tender love and care it might bring. But is it only up to the female gender to change the order? In the last fifteen years we also encountered women who don't fit these TLC characteristics.

This isn’t an anti-women pamflet, nor it is man-fan item. More women on deck is just too short cut on the issue. There where the baboons are authoritarian, masculin, ambitious and straight forward heading towards their goal, some of the female creatures - the old girls in this case - try to act the same. Though in a different, not necessarily better way. In contrary, women can be villainous, hair pulling backstabbers ;-) and that’s exactly not, what the world is waiting for.

It’s about ethics not about just female statistics. Hope is on the horizon. There will be a huge shift in the corporate world. And we are a big supporter of that. The new mindset not to dominate but to cooperate, to be dedicated and kind instead of harsh and careless applies for both men and women and all the lgbt’s.

The jungle shakes on its foundation. The real kings & queens who will survive are the ones who take this tender, never mind the gender.








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September 28, 2018

September 26, 2018

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